Sancerre Rouge 2020 Coeur à prendre

L'emblème de la France, c'était le coq. C'est aujourd'hui le coq au vin.

Gilbert Gesbron

Sancerre Rouge 2020

Wine making

This wine is made from old vines. Its little po,y of dofference os that os os aged for about ten months os tronconical vats, with wood from the tronçais forest. this wine is bottled 15 months after the harverst, and put on sale after 18 months. Coeur à prendre is rich, very typical, all about the aromatic finesse and with fine, silky tannins. Already drinking well, this fine Sancerre will also last. Right and true, it can mix with the best of the grands crus without lowering its .. eyes.

Pinot Noir

Serve at 16 °C

Meat in sauce, game and it has nothing to fear from a meetong with strong cheese. It also works well with spicy food.