Vin de pays Sauvignon La Rebelle 2019

Le vin est un professeur de goût, il est le libérateur de l'esprit et l'illuminateur de l'intelligence

Paul Claudel

Vin de pays SauvignonVin de pays SauvignonVin de pays Sauvignon

Wine making

This gift box of 3 bottles woill leave no one unmoved. They come from an isolated parcel of vines, always the last to ne harvested. Very expressive, this Sauvignon remains true to its heritage, and is a very well balanced wine, offering a long , fresh and fruity finish which radiates white flower and citrus perfume.


Serve at 10°C

Fish soup, marinated mussels, fish in sauce or grilled, and of course we must not forget fresh and mature goat's cheese.